5 years old and so many new things!

Dear friends, dear customers, has it been so long ago?

Branco Azul started an unbelievable 5 years ago: spontaneously, as a pop-up store in the rented laundrette, with friends and acquaintances, who liked my „souvenirs“ from Portugal at least as much as I did. Favorite soaps, tea towels, colorful ceramics … Everything was gone quickly, everyone had a lot of fun and I really wanted to continue. Next stop: my Branco Azul „Puppenstuben“ store in Frankfurt’s West End. First an insider’s tip: the space for all the products was soon no longer enough, and I found the present dreamlike space in the cathedral street, which had apparently only been waiting for Branco Azul.

For the 5th birthday of our shop I give you, and me, something new: a new website that brings „my Portugal“ to tablets and smartphones on the web, and on the online store you can soon order a lot of wonderful things. I’m also writing a blog for you from now on. In Germany, in Portugal, wherever I am. With news about Portugal and Branco Azul, trends, recipes, insider info about Portugal and everything else that comes to my mind.

Vamos – go with me on a journey …

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