The summer is coming!

The first rays of sunshine and thus spring are finally here.

But right now I was in Chiado in Lisbon. In the magical shop, with the beautiful blankets and fabulous plaids. And what can I say, I could not resist. They are retro and very vintage and are now coming to Frankfurt. Next week they are in the store and want to make your life cuddly. Because we all know that the evenings in Frankfurt can still be very cool.

See you soon, I hope!

Professor Marcelo has moved.

After a short trip to Lisbon to get new inspiration, I have to share my enthusiasm for the newly elected Portuguese President Professor Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa.

My old law professor did it. He moved to Belém. With his optimistic energy he pulls  in many Portuguese people, and  me, as well. In any case, the evening news now not only  reports on Ronaldo, corruption and Co.

Obrigada Professor Marcelo

The agony of choice!

The Branco Azul online shop is about to open. And now I understand, when many customers say to me in the shop: Help, there are so many great things, I can’t decide. I have to decide right now: Which of my products should I use to launch the Branco Azul online shop? I love them all, but all of a sudden it does n’t work, that’s too many.

Would you like to help me? Which products do you want, which one do you like the most?

Write to me, I’d be glad to read your input … Obrigado!

5 years old and so many new things!

Dear friends, dear customers, has it been so long ago?

Branco Azul started an unbelievable 5 years ago: spontaneously, as a pop-up store in the rented laundrette, with friends and acquaintances, who liked my „souvenirs“ from Portugal at least as much as I did. Favorite soaps, tea towels, colorful ceramics … Everything was gone quickly, everyone had a lot of fun and I really wanted to continue. Next stop: my Branco Azul „Puppenstuben“ store in Frankfurt’s West End. First an insider’s tip: the space for all the products was soon no longer enough, and I found the present dreamlike space in the cathedral street, which had apparently only been waiting for Branco Azul.

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