2 Jacquard tea towels in classic „Azulejos“ motif by Branco Azul


2 jacquard tea towels made of pure cotton with classic „Azulejos“ motif made in Portugal exclusively for Branco Azul.

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This jacquard tea towel made of pure cotton with classic „Azulejos“ motif is made exclusively for Branco Azul in the north of Portugal, in a family business. The cloths are washable at 60 ° C and look good even without ironing because of their woven structure. You can also use them as blankets for the garden / terrace table.

The decorative tea towels are available in red / white or blue / white. Since it is a jacquard cloth, the „back“ has the same pattern, only the colors are reversed.

Available as a set of 2: 2 „Allrounder“ shawls blue or red; The hanger is at the top on the right side. The cloths go well with our coasters in a classic pattern.

Jacquard or damask fabric is a fabric that has a pattern woven into the weave. In this way, even complex patterns in the fabric can be displayed without having to print the fabric – in addition, the intensity and plasticity of the patterns change depending on the light, which damask in Europe has always made very popular.

Everybody needs tea towels! Whether single, WG residents or extended family. In every kitchen, the practical cloths are native. Like you, we always looked for nice tea towels, and the quality was respected. No easy thing! Dish towels are either very good (100% cotton, with hanger, good size), but very boring and also expensive. Or they look good, but not dry, do not hang well and then they are not available for a reasonable price.

This dilemma gave Branco Azul the idea, of course, to have tea towels produced in Portugal, where there is a long tradition of home textiles.

It is also suitable for the dryer. This quality makes the cloths particularly robust and durable.

Dimension: 50x70cm

Weight per piece: 85 g

Gewicht 0.2 kg
Größe 50 × 70 × 0.1 cm

Blau, Rot, Grün


Waffelpiqué, Allover


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