Deco – Lime Basil Mini Soap by Claus Porto


Deco – Basil Lime Mini Soap 50g by Claus Porto from the collection Deco.

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This 100% herbal soap contains shea butter to create a soft and creamy lather. It has been ground three times for better preservation and leaves a light scent on the skin. The soap is packed by hand. The special design is selected from the rich design archives of Claus Porto.

The Deco Soap – Lime Basil

The aroma of this soap approaches the Portuguese lush vegetation. Mix of fresh basil with bitter orange and grape, with a warm base of vetiver and moss, which awakens the tranquility of nature.

The pattern of the packaging, with angular shapes in blue and gold, dates back to 1928, to an award by Ach Brito on the occasion of participation in the „First Autumn Salon Elegance Women & Decorative Arts“ received in Lisbon.

Top notes: basil, green chord

Heart note: bergamot, bitter orange and grapes

Base notes: vetiver, moss and patchouli

Soap: 50g

Fragrance: Fresh

Series „DECO“ by Claus Porto

In the Deco series, the detailed patterns, from the archives of the house, and the unique designs that contributed to the fabulous reputation of Claus Porto in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, are the hallmark.

Each of the ten lines represents a different fragrance, consisting of a combination of ingredients that give rise to the diversity of the Portuguese landscape in our mind’s eye.

A series of soaps that are all enriched with shea butter and an unforgettable design. We have selected our 3 favorites for you: Madrigal, Banho and Deco


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