Fish preserves Portuguese sardines in olive oil with garlic from Tricana


Preserved sardines with olive oil and garlic from Portugal by Tricana

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The popular and traditional preserve with sardines in olive oil with garlic is one of the commonly bought by the Portuguese. The sardines are caught in Matosinhos near Porto and prepared for Conserveira de Lisboa in an exclusive recipe. As the fish is prepared directly on site, fresh on the Atlantic Ocean and with just olive oil and garlic to some salt, this variant is just delicious and tasty to Portugal!

Try black bread or boiled potatoes – a simple but good and healthy meal.

Do you know that sardines contain the important omega-3 fats? They not only taste good, they are also good for the heart!

Without further ingredients as well as preservatives. Tin box with durability until 31.12.2020

Weight 120g, 80g without liquid.

Dimensions: 10x6x2 cm

Canned fish by Conserveira de Lisboa

This traditional Baixa shop in Lisbon has been around for 80 years, maintaining its originality and its main function: being the bridge between the production and sale of canned fish. With 3 registered labels, this family business has for generations established its products as „the canned fish par excellence“. The quality of the ingredients, the top recipes and the incomparable design make these fish cans our first choice!

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Größe 10 x 6 x 2 cm


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