Gift set „sheet“ of plate with bowl by Bordallo Pinheiro


Gift set of plate with shell in leaf form; Classic motif in new trend colors by Bordallo Pinheiro for Branco Azul.

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These decorative and at the same time useful objects make joy and are a fresh and unusual gift idea. Whether as a small souvenir with invitations or as a birthday present, it is both for ladies and for the chef enthusiastic cook!

The perfect duo of plate and bowl: it can be wonderful to serve a small appetizer or small appetizer as well as tea / coffee and sweets. There is always a reason to use the beautiful leaves.

Faience is a ceramic art that has a long tradition in Portugal. For several years, it is back in fashion and used again by many designers worldwide in the modern home and in everyday use. Lighter ceramics than terracotta, bright colors and different shapes are back in fashion.

Bordallo Pinheiro Faience for Branco Azul

The faience of Bordallo Pinheiro has a worldwide reputation and many lovers and collectors. This partly romantic part Art Déco / Guysstill ceramics were designed at the beginning of the 19th century and made in the factory in Caldas da Rainha (center of Portugal). Since then, this factory has been working on the models of Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro, an extremely nature-loving artist, inspired by nature, which makes this art so precious to this day.

We are faithful to the faience of Bordallo Pinheiro! This challenge to redesign objects has been the most interesting and creative part of our work to this day.

We are looking for parts from the series that remain true to our BrancoAzul Moto and our Still and give them new colors and lighter shapes. Discover the fantastic world of Bordallo Pinheiro with these faience Exclusively for BrancoAzul. We are proud of the results!

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Größe 25.5 × 22 × 6 cm

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