Gourmet „Flor de Sal“ Aromática from the Algarve by Salmarim


The Original Gourmet „Flor de Sal“ Aromática (herbs) by Salmarim from the Algarve

Flor de Sal is the salt flower, which says all about the characteristics of this product: the beautiful, delicate and noble from the sea salt. The Aromática variant contains besides the „Fleur de Sel“ pointed it in French means oregano and parsley. A very Mediterranean spice mixture.

You can refine your salads, vegetables and meat dishes. Everywhere you like to use these herbs.

With Flor de Sal, the chef emphasizes certain foods and adds more flavor to their dishes, as opposed to salt, which only salt the dishes. Flor de Sal is a very popular product for every professional and amateur cook.

Pure natural ingredients and with long shelf life. Please avoid contact with moisture. 100g content in a nice cardboard box in a new design. Inside is a lockable plastic bag that optimally protects the product

For you, the team at Salmarim in the Castro Marim Nature Reserve in the Algarve has sorted out the best product and allowed it to dry to a very high degree. The original, just! The fine crystals are crushed on the hand, which does not work with coarse salt. Another difference between our products and other Fleur de Sel is the degree of moisture: with good Flor de Sal, the hand stays dry. This will also recognize the quality and authenticity of the various Flor de Sal.

Weight: 200g

Shelf life until 2018

100% Fleur de Sel with dried oregano and parsley. Without additives or preservatives.

Gewicht 0.25 kg
Größe 6 × 6 × 10 cm


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